ELICIT - Speak For You - Music Video


A music video funded by the government of Canada and FACTOR


Music by: Elicit

Video by: Sean Dimitrie @ Sea2Sky Productions

Contact Information:



Grey Matter Short - Trailer


Three old men investigate the strange behavior of an alcoholic recluse whose son insists is metamorphosing into a degenerate creature.


Written by Phoenix Rivera based on a short story by Stephen King

Directed by Sean Dimitrie & Phoenix Rivera

Filmed & Edited by Sean Dimitrie


“Grey Matter”© (1978) Stephen King

Used by permission. All rights reserved.


Maya Rae & Friends - Live


 A fund raiser for the settlement of two Syrian refugee families.


IT AIN'T EASY Tonye Aganaba 12"


A video for a release Tonye & I produced together and released on RVS Music UK. ......Remix's by Ian Pooley,  Asadhino, & Soulsmith


DAVID MORIN TEDx Vancouver 2015


David Morin performs at Rogers Arena in the Vinyl Lounge..


KIDS FROM CAMELOT (Title Sequence)


...Imagine a musical....with time travel.


GODFATHERS OF LOVE - Rock, Paper, Scissors


 Inspired by Frank Miller's Sin City, and Cubism. We first shot the talent on a green screen and keyed them using Nuke, compositing it all with some digital matte painting inside After Effects.


 The Cubism effect was achieved with C4D and using a B&W pass I chose the multiply blending mode. I used a segment of one Beeple VJ clip like this as well.

EMEX - Myshell Garden of Eden 2015


A music video for artist Myshell song Garden of Eden, she wanted an animated video telling the story from African Drums to EDM and all points in between,.


We originally wanted to do a 2D illustrated frame by frame animation telling the story literally but in the end we focused more on projection mapping and the current state of music and technology.

VEVA - 2014

 (Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association)


 We created a 15-minute piece interviewing real members asking them all the same question and editing so they finish each other’s answers, this was chosen by the organization and is featured on the home page of the site




Sea2Sky Productions & Open Studios partnered with Blue Green Productions Ltd.  to create a  full 60 ft tall x 40 ft wide custom 3D video mapping installation with themed content for the show building that worked with the existing architectural design and layout of the space to create an unforgettable experience for their VIP guests.